Composer, thinker, personality…

      Ezekiel began to generate interest from an early age while studying classical piano. Winner of awards, he embarked on a musical career, emerging as a multi-instrumentalist and has been involved in numerous diverse projects, having also worked with many international artists and bands.
With a keen interest in Philosophy and Spirituality, Ezekiel became an outspoken personality, which is “awoken in its’ sobriety”.

Album “Songs of Love and Hate” is Ezekiel’s debut project as a solo artist, comprising sixteen short orchestral pieces in Neo-Classical style. It is a collection of variations on the timeless theme of Love and Hate, filled with passion and emotion…

Here is the first exclusive opportunity for the listener to sample this music with each track available in full-length MP3 format at the high bit-rate of 320 Kbps. Please log on to:

Currently residing in Ireland, at the moment Ezekiel is composing for his second album under the working title “Tree of Life” and occasionally holds workshops on composition.


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